Neighbors United for Farheen Hakeem :
Farheen is running for State Representative for many reasons. The needs of the people are not being met. People can not afford housing, people need jobs, people need health/human services and so on. These are all important issues that Farheen has fought, and see the opportunity to do so at the State Capitol. Farheen recognizes that government plays a major role in the quality of life for all people. She is qualified because of her education, her experience, and her interest in wielding the tools of government to better the lives of families in District 61B. Farheen is not in the pocket of any private interests and she is dedicated to stopping the corporate exploitation of local resources. She will bring the voice of the community to the decision making process, and keep the people informed of the issues that are being discussed at the Capitol. Farheen would bring more community involvement in our state govenment. She would emphasize more community outreach and more accessibility for people to give input on issues that are important to them. In addition, Farheen brings many talents and skills to 61B, such as making resources available for people and communities to start cooperatives and introduce a cooperative business model for government.
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